Friday the 13th at Deer Creek

(note: the 8/12 review is below, Hot Weather = Hot Show)

Driving to the venue (no more of that walking 0.7 miles garbage for us!) we avoided ALL of the traffic by driving counter-clockwise around to the Western entrance.  No lines at all, and we ended up in the VIP parking area.  I wanted something scary for Friday the 13th.  I asked for a scary Ghost or Stash, and got a Stash (even though it was not particularly scary).  Turns out that this particular day was a pretty lucky one.

Stereo cabinets are back!

Chalkdust opener!  And I can actually hear Page!  Hearing this song and bring at Deer Creek immediately reminded me of 7/11/00 (the Moby Dick Show, my 99th) which also featured the “Groovy Flashin’ Disco Cisco Chalkdust Preprise” as we called it that night back at the campsite.  But this Friday version did not include such antics — just a well-played, straight ahead, ripping Chalkdust opener.

Starting Guelah Papyrus, I wondered if the band has a penchant for putting songs that feature a Mike/Trey dance move in the No. 2 slot.  I’ve never noticed this as a trend before, but I’ll keep you posed.  I called Guelah for Friday, too.  I know…I rule all worlds.

My Sweet One was in response to a sign up front on Thursday night.  Other signs that were acknowledged at the Thursday show included “Kung” and “Looking for Owls?”  Signs that were not acknowledged at all included “Minkin” and “Peaches Please.”

One day, I’d like to hear Axilla I>Axilla II.  That would be fun. It looked like Trey laughed on “felt my loins dissolve…”  No flashlight jam this time.  In fact, I’m not sure the last time they actually did that (from Hoist: “hey…don’t shine that thing in my face, asshole”).

IDK actually had a really good vacuum solo! Fish “scatted” along over the verse at the end instead  of walking back to his drum set.  You could see that Trey was eager to start the verses again (which was odd since the first verse was awfully out-of-tune) and apparently Fishman wasn’t quite ready to quit.

I’m reminded now of a great T-shirt in the lot:  it had a vacuum on the front and on the back a Polaroid of Mr. Redding with “Otis” written on the white part at the bottom of the photo.  I am a fan of these types ultra-incog lot Ts that only other fans would recognize.

Wait a sec…Chalkdust, Guelah, My Sweet One, Axilla, I Didn’t Know…did we wake up in 1994 or something?

(This pic is actually from Thurs the 12th. Shhh! Don't tell!)

Walls of the Cave was great to hear!  We’d been missing this song. My friend & I recognized it at the first piano chords.  The song was only slightly tweaked from it’s 2.0 version with a short light drum break and one other change that I can’t remember right now…  but I was absolutely thrilled to finally be hearing a 3.0 jam on this 2.0 song.  The jam seemed to end a bit early/abruptly, but it was great to hear this song again.

Stash is a song that when played well, it’s played really well.  Although it wasn’t scary like I wanted, and while never got really out there, they played it really well on Friday night.

Number Line, Ocelot, Wilson and Possum were all pretty standard.  Ocelot is made for Mike to own.  Which he does.  In fact, he often pwns it as well.

More laughing during Possum.  I like laughing.

Curtis Loew is a great cover.  At the risk of getting kicked in the nuts, I’d like to declare that I caught all 3 of them this year.  Thank you.

The vocal part in Halley’s (before the jam) didn’t end with an ecstatic “part of town!” and a screeching guitar part like it often times does.  Instead, it ended with Page singing “part of town…” as if he was then going to say “aww yeah.  We are cool as fuck, and that’s all there is to it.”  The jam was brutally brief, but did include a “Summer ’98 Funk Lick” quote.

Parts of the Light jam sounded an awful lot like a Light jam (this jam was really good, actually).  I like that Trey’s lick heading into the jam (3-4-5-3-4-5, etc — also called the “U2” lick, but perhaps only by me) is seemingly here to  stay.  There were a few early versions where Trey did not play it.  I think it was at Fenway last year where Page clearly remembered it & started to play it, but (no offense, Page) it just doesn’t sound as good on a Steinway as it does on a Languedoc.  Light-as in the song, not necessarily this version-has got to be the defining 3.0 jam vehicle.

46 Days and Maze provided a perfect ebb & flow at this point in the set, but without letting the energy die down one bit.  Funny thing — we’d actually watched the official video of Maze that Phish put on Vimeo that afternoon, so after the show I was a little bit confused as to whether we’d actually seen a live Maze that night, or if I was just remembering the video from the hotel.  Turns out, they actually played it.  And it was good.

Meatstick.  Yay.  However, the segue into Mango song was a YAY! moment for real.  This was extra long, like a ———- -> as one jam melted into another.  Good-nay, GREAT stuff.

Hey, remember when Fluffhead was a rare treat to hear?  Well good news…only the “rare” part is gone.  After moving away from the piano, Page had a pretty sweet little solo (on the Rhodes, I think?) before the “check this out…” section.  I think he usually does this on the piano, but it was a nice little textural change that my ears caught.

Julius should be a set opener, IMHo, not a closer/encore like it’s been used lately.  As soon as Trey lets me write the setlists, I’ll be sure to correct this.  We’ll also be hearing a lot more Led Zeppelin covers.

From 8/7 Greek - photo not goes to Dittiebug

Speaking of telling Trey what to do, I can’t believe this guy’s sign…although it seems to have worked!  The whammy has vanished.

Trey had some nice, non-standard creative playing during Contact.  Slave had some more non-standard creative playing in the middle section before Trey fell back into his familiar Slave-type build.  This encore really felt like a message, as if they were telling us to put rubber to the road, or we’d all be in traffic hell.  For those of you who’ve tried staying after the show, then waking up in Noblesville the morning that there’s a show at Alpine Valley, you know what I mean.  Doing that drive through Chicago on a show day is freaking brutal.  We high-tailed it all the way back home in order to sleep a few hours & have a nice drive up to Wisconsin.  Much of the soundtrack for the drive home was this awesome Summer ’93 compilation.


2 Responses to “Antitriskaidekaphobia”

  1. General Says:

    Great write up Golden – quite enjoyable which is not true for 98.3% of the setlist reviews out there! I have one question, is 3.0 jamming compatible with 2.0 songs?

  2. Brain Says:

    Absolutely — were lucky in that Ph3.0 was specifically designed to be retro-compatible. With any luck, the Octoberfest Tour will feature Fall ’97 cowfunk.

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