Hot Weather = Hot Show

Thursday, August 12
Verizon SomethingorOther Pavilion Deer Creek
Noblesville, IN

The day started with a nice enough drive through the cornfields of Indiana and checking into our sweet suite a few blocks away from the venue.  You could actually see the back wall of the lawn from my room (the same wall that replaced the infamous fence that gate crashers stormed in ’95…inspiring this song).  Wait–how did Keller Williams make it into this blog?  Sorry.  I’ll not do that again.

After relaxing a bit & meeting up with some friends, we started to walk to the show.  I figured that being that close to the venue would pretty much rule.  Apparently, I am not as young as the first time I visited Deer Creek because the 0.7 mile hike in 90+ degree heat wrecked me.  When Phish took the stage it was still well over 90 degrees, and I was glad to be in the shade of the pavilion.

The opening bass notes in Runaway Jim made me think that Mike was ready to rule the roost again!  Turns out that this is Trey’s band once again, though.  The Jim was a nice bouncing bit of joy, and did its job as an opener–get the crowd going.

Sloppy PYITE was next.  That’s all I remember about it…it was sloppy.  Luckily, though, this type of thing is the exception these days rather than the rule.

Roggae — Mike wasted no time getting started with exploring the jam section.  Nice peak in this song before the “power chords” section that takes us back to the closing theme.  Sample had a pretty sweet solo, actually.

Sugar Shack was great to hear, and I love that they are actually jamming on this tune a bit…in the 9/8 section no less!  Trey’s visible smile as he successfully navigated the first 9/8 section also made me smile.

Wolfman’s Brother was a quiet, reserved funk jam.  Well, sort of.  For the final minute or so Trey decided to blow it up.

Time Turns Elastic — Again, I love to listen to Mike (especially the few measures right before the jam where Trey & Page are singing the final lyrics section).   Pretty significant jam here, also–over 5 minutes following the composed section.

Drowned got a little dark… didn’t really segue, rather Jibboo started once the Drowned jam had reached completion.  Jibboo was like one long sustained peak–great time dancing. Once this wound down a bit, Trey started a lick that Mike quickly caught on to, and the ->Gin was seamless. Beautiful! This -> is pretty much what I go to Phish shows to see.

Gin itself was pertty magnificent.   Great peak!!  Full denouement back to the theme at the end.  My Friend, My Friend & Buffalo Bill were such rad choices as “filler” for the middle of the second set, even though the post-build segment (usually before the “MFMFHGaK” singing comes back) was a little botched–Trey started singing early (this happened more than once…more than messing up lyrics, Trey has been messing up the timing on the entrances.  It must’ve rubbed off though, because Fishman did this, too, during Sunday night’s Moma Dance).  According to, I’ve managed to catch the last 7 Buffalo Bills…I missed one in Worcester ’97 but have seen 8 out of 9 since it returned to some sort of standard rotation at the Great Went.

I know you were wondering…

Twist took a nice long time to get to the first verse.  Nice woodblocks from Fishman as the finish the intro.   My wife (also a percussionist) actually pointed out Fishman’s tasteful use of woodblocks several times at Alpine.   Heh. “Tasteful” and “Fishman” are 2 words I wouldn’t normally put together off the top of my head.  But come to think of it, his drumming really is fairly tasteful.  If nothing else, the man listens like a champ.

This Twist jam was nothing like 12.7.97. Totally un-aggressive. At several points (starting a little more than 1/2 way through) it sounds an awful lot like a jam from “Light.”  They’ve done that a lot recently–make a jam sound like Light. And some non-standard vocals (from Page?) as they came back to the outro.  Woo!

Horse>Silent was really Horse, Silent.

Melt.  Ruled.  Typical, foreboding, time-fracturing, awesome Melt.  I was pretty excited for Melt–I called it for Thursday night. Also the Stash on Friday, and Taste on Saturday. Theme and Moma Dance (and the Tweezer, along with everyone else) were calls of mine on Sunday as well. Meredith wanted to hear Gumbo, and she got it. Phish is so predictable now 😉

The Melt jam spun down to a spacy “Close Encounters” type of thing, and all of a sudden Trey was sing “I won’t spend a moment on the Dog Faced Boy…”  Did NOT see that coming… “Close Encounters” came again — as an actual tease at the end of Piper on Sunday night.

Beautiful Hood — more patient jamming.

Fee — okay. Enough with the police siren there. Sheesh. Like an 8 year-old boy with his new megaphone. There was a short-lived Fee chant up front before they started. Trey toyed with the audience, too, pretending (or maybe deciding…) to put the megaphone down, then pick it up…he repeated this 3 or 4 times, relishing in the alternating cheers & jeers from the crowd.

NO2>Kung — this is the part where people’s heads actually floated off their necks and exploded.

Fire — Cactus took over, all right.

8/12 was a great show, and Set II was especially phenomenal.  The encore was…uh…the English language is failing me…  Unreal?  Kooky?  Typical zany cornfield Phishysterics ?  Even if you’re a hater and you want to say “Silent & Boring” was the filler (instead of a pleasant bridge, which is how I see it) that’s 5 or 6 minutes out of the set, the rest of which did not suck one bit.


One Response to “Hot Weather = Hot Show”

  1. General Says:

    Another great write up, I can hear you speaking them, very distinctive Markaha style. I’m going backwards from newest –> oldest. Loved your sentence with two of —> these in it.

    Also, here comes a double junk kick for Buffalo Bill near sweep and 3/3 Curtis Loew sweep.

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